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How To Find China Manufacturers

How To Find China Manufacturers

Have you ever wondered why shops can find reputable Chinese garment factories? Or how to source quality Chinese products? In fact, this is not as difficult or complicated as you think. The article How To Find China Manufacturers will answer your questions.

Why do so many people look for Chinese factories?

Surely you are no stranger to products advertised as goods from Guangzhou, or domestic China. It can be said that these items occupy a very large market share in the market, the reason is because:

Diversity of goods and products: China is considered the world’s factory because it has a lot of different products, as well as unique products that you have never seen anywhere else.

Quality is worth the price: true to what you pay for, the items at the Chinese factory have quality from affordable to high-end for customers to consider their investment ability.

Cheap price: you don’t have to find a way to buy Chinese wholesale to get a good price, but even if you are a small business or retail, these products have very affordable prices. Not to mention, cheap labor, abundant raw materials and competitiveness make the price even lower.

With the above reasons, most businesses, traders as well as small businesses want to know how to find reputable Chinese manufacturers to make their business more stable. This is also the first information in How To Find China Manufacturers.

Where to find reputable and quality Chinese manufacturers?

If you want to find suppliers of Chinese products or Cantonese Imports, what sources can you consider? According to many longtime traders, when choosing Chinese garment factories, they will usually consider the following forms:

Search through wholesale markets, Chinese shipping markets.

Look for Chinese factory sites online.

How to find China factory wechat or many Chinese social networks

Find and buy goods on Taobao trading floor, 1688…

Among the ways to find Chinese manufacturers on the market, buying at wholesale markets and buying online through trading platforms is the most popular. Therefore, How To Find China Manufacturers will guide you in detail about this method.

How to find Chinese manufacturers through wholesale markets

Worthy of being the world’s factory, wholesale markets in China are also divided into markets specializing in a certain product line. Specifically like:

+ Bach Ma Market – Guangzhou: specializes in wholesale and retail of fashion goods with a wide range of products from men’s and women’s clothing to children and the elderly. If you buy in bulk, the price is very cheap, and if you buy it in retail, the owner will not even sell it.

+ Zhang Xi – Hong Mian – Sha He – Shi Shang Hang Market: These are also fashion markets but the price is cheaper than Bach Ma market, which means less variety of designs.

+ Dezheng nan Lu Market: specializes in sleek woolen clothes that come with consistent quality and affordable prices.

+ Jiefang nan Lu Market: wholesale and retail souvenirs, decor, stationery for you to buy as gifts or for business.

+ One Link International Plaza Market: specializes in remote control toys, cars, assembled lego. Their models are very diverse and the prices range from affordable to high-end.

+ Metropolis Shoes Market: specializes in selling shoes. From brand imitation products such as Nike, Adidas, Converse … or Chinese domestic products are available. In general, the quality is quite good and is loved by customers.

+ Thien Ho Market: specializes in wholesale and retail of computers and components with diverse designs, soft prices and stable quality.

If you choose to find Chinese factories through wholesale markets, you can check and evaluate products directly for design and quality. Besides, the price is cheap and can be negotiated with the factory owner.

But on the contrary, the limitation of this search method is that it takes time and money to get there, as well as a language barrier that you need to be aware of.

How to find China factory through 1688

The advice is that if you want to find cheap and quality 1688 factory links, you should choose shops with the “buffalo head” icon. So, what’s the way to find them?

To achieve the “buffalo head” symbol on 1688, business shops need to meet requirements such as: a factory with a registered capital of ≥ 500,000 yuan, a workshop area > 800m2 and more than 50 employees working…

Thus As can be seen, the “buffalo head” shops on 1688 are all reputable shops, capable of providing stable goods and carefully invested facilities.

In addition, these units also need to commit to product quality, as well as good purchasing and complaint handling regime, enthusiastic customer support… This is the next information in How To Find China Manufacturers.

There are 2 ways for you to find the “buffalo head” shops on 1688 that are:

Method 1: through the search bar support tool

Step 1: Use Google translate to translate the keyword of the product you need to find into Chinese.
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Copy the translated keyword into the search bar
Step 4: When the results below appear, choose the top shops on 1688.

Method 2: Through the 1688’s general list page

– 1688 has a list of the most prestigious manufacturers of the system that you just need to visit the link to find those units. Let’s try it now!

If you choose to find a Chinese factory through 1688, you should note the following points:

– 1688 only supports Chinese language and you need to use Google translate or an interpreter to contact the factory.

– 1688 only allows payment by Alipay account or paying on behalf of 1688.

– 1688 only ships domestically, so you need to use the service to buy goods for you.

How to find Chinese factory through Taobao

Taobao is known as China’s famous retail e-commerce platform, but it also has a lot of factories that accept bulk quantities. However, to find these workshops on Taobao is not as easy as through 1688. Specifically, the search method is as follows:

+ Step 1: Use Google translate to translate the product keywords you need to find into Chinese.

+ Step 2: Copy the translated keyword and the search bar section

+ Step 3: The interface appears as follows, you choose a shop with great purchases and good reviews.

+ Step 4: Find out the shop information as below. Note, shops with huge purchases and the 4-5 “golden crown” symbol, as well as long-established brands, are quite reputable and can be trusted.

This is also the method of finding the next Chinese manufacturer in How To Find China Manufacturers.

Hope the article How To Find China Manufacturers will provide useful information for you.

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