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How Do Chinese Goods Enter The US?

How Do Chinese Goods Enter The US?

In recent years, the trade war between the US and China has become increasingly fierce. The import and export of Chinese and American goods faced many difficulties because the US increased tariffs on goods imported from China. The article How Do Chinese Goods Enter The US? will help you understand how to import goods from China to the US.

Importing goods from China into the US is not an easy task for businesses, especially newly established businesses. To do this, you need to have complete knowledge of the business chain from international freight.

Therefore, importing items from China into the United States requires establishing relationships, establishing shipping, and navigating channels by US Customs regulations. Here are 4 ways to import goods from China to the US that How Do Chinese Goods Enter The US? share for you.

Step 1: Find genuine goods suppliers in China

Before you start looking for genuine goods suppliers in China to import your products into the USA. You must first ensure that you have selected an item that can be legally exported from China. You can then start looking for an exporter of your products in China by contacting the Chinese embassy in the United States.

Or attend trade events, access the China trade promotion board, connect with government agencies, and buy China export data from trusted market research companies like Export Genius. Here are some other ways to find suppliers in China to import your products into the US that we share.

– Make a list of Chinese exporters or suppliers:

First, you need to sort and make a list of Chinese exporters for your product. This can be done through online outsourcing or professional merchandise sourcing companies. You can also attend China trade fairs or exhibitions and check China customs data.

Canton Fair and East China Fair are famous trade events in China. Export agents in China are also good options for finding Chinese exporters. This is the next information in How Do Chinese Goods Enter The US?

– Contact each supplier:

Once you have a list of exporters of goods in China, you can start contacting each supplier by e-mail, fax, or phone. You can ask them questions about customer references, business licensing information, production and personnel information, and the name and location of the factory that produced the product.

You also have to learn more about product components such as price, model, and quality.

– Selection of Chinese exporters:

Now you need to choose the best Chinese supplier for your product. To do so, you need to rely on several factors such as the quality and price of the product, and the delivery service.

Step 2: Place your order

After you have carefully studied the necessary information, you can start placing an order. Here are some easy ways to get your first product order in How Do Chinese Goods Enter The US?

Meet Chinese supplier:

If possible, you should make a trip to meet your supplier in China. This will help you establish a relationship with your supplier and understand how well their business is doing and how well they can work with yours. To come to China, you need to apply for a business visa.

Documents to apply for a business visa to China include a valid passport from your country of residence and a black and white copy with a photo of your passport. Also, you need a black and white copy of your China visa if applicable, a recent passport-size photo of you, a completed visa application form, an invitation letter from the provider you will meet and the fee apply.

Negotiate agreements with suppliers:

Remember that business interactions with Chinese suppliers are governed by Chinese culture and customs. For this, different negotiation skills and tactics are required. You must focus on local business and cultural relationships.

Start ordering:

After completing the transaction, you can start placing an order. Each company will have a minimum order quantity and a basic shipping agreement. The most common types of shipping arrangements for exporting goods from China to the United States include ocean and air freight.

Pay for your product:

You must pay a deposit for the value of your order. Usually, an initial deposit of 30% to 50% will be required by the Chinese manufacturer to get your product/order into production. You will have to pay that amount upon delivery of the product.

Remember to never pay the full amount upfront on a transaction because if there’s a problem with your order, it’s unlikely you’ll get your money back. There is a difference between the wholesale cost and the total cost of a product. The wholesale cost is the price of a product, agreed upon in your transaction.

And the total cost is plus taxes, duties, shipping charges, insurance fees, etc. to the wholesale cost. Letters of Credit are commonly used in trade with China so payments to Chinese suppliers can be made via credit card, cash, check, PayPal, etc.

Avoid payment fraud:

You run the risk of getting caught in any business payment fraud as it usually involves your order payment being deposited into the wrong bank account. This is the next information in How Do Chinese Goods Enter The US?

Step 3: Receive your goods through the customs

Hire a customs broker:

Finding and hiring a licensed customs broker will make your import process easier. For this, you can contact customs officials and government sources that can help you find a licensed broker. You can also search on the website of the National Association of Customs Forwarders and Brokers of the United States.

Apply for the necessary permits:

Once you have selected your customs broker, you can request the necessary licenses if applicable. You need to apply them through the appropriate US government channels.

File an Import Security Declaration (ISF):

You must file an ISF, which is a document specific to products shipped by sea. It provides advance shipping information to US customs. This document must be submitted 24 hours before shipment departure.

ISF documents include buyer and seller details, importer’s file number, consignee number, country of origin, shipping to party, US Harmonized Tariff Schedule, location container packing, and consolidators.

Receive your items through US Customs and Border Protection (CBP):

To receive your products through US Customs and CBP, you need to contact an immigration service port near your location. Ask to speak to import specialists who are designated to be in charge of the product you are importing.

Import experts can assist you in preparing and filling out the necessary documents, answering your questions regarding filling out the information, and advising on tax rates and specific product requirements. You can visit the CBP website for the port of entry contact details.

Submit original and additional import documents:

After your goods are received by the port of import, you must provide the necessary documents such as a Bill of Lading, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Customs Bond, and Manifest. goods imported within a limited year.

You and your customs broker then have ten days to submit additional documents including the summary of entry and any related invoices that can be used to price the shipment.

Step 4: Get your product in the US

In the final state in How Do Chinese Goods Enter The US? you can own your product by completing the necessary formalities. That includes:

Pay your import tax:

Import duties will be imposed on your products after calculating the value of the shipment as estimated by the customs officer and the shipment group in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. The value of the shipment includes packaging costs, license fees, royalties, commissions arising from the purchase, and the price paid.

Choose a logistics company to ship your items:

Contact a logistics company or commercial freight company to pick up your shipment at the port of entry and ship your products to your warehouse or local seller.

Shipment Damage and Accuracy Check:

Once your product is shipped to its destination, you need to inspect your product for any damage that occurred during the trip. If your product is significantly damaged, you need to rethink your choice of shipping method.

Hope the article How Do Chinese Goods Enter The US? will provide you with useful information.

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