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How To Buy Cheap Products From China

How To Buy Cheap Products From China

Finding cheap Chinese products is a concern for many people. In addition to searching for a supply with cheap quality products, the article How To Buy Cheap Products From China will provide more useful information for you.

Import goods at workshops, Chinese markets

To be able to buy cheap Chinese products, the first way that many buyers often think of is to come to the suppliers to order directly. When buying Chinese goods directly, the points that need to be targeted are wholesale markets or factories.

The goods here are updated with new samples regularly, and the quality from the workshop and the price is always at the wholesale level for the distributor. Therefore, if you need to import goods from China for sale, you can choose to buy goods from China to sell at these famous wholesale factories and wholesale markets.

You can go to cheap and quality Chinese import addresses such as Guangzhou, Guangdong, Fujian, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. Some places also specialize in goods, typically:

Shanghai: You can visit the historical relics of Than Hoang Mieu, Nam Kinh Lo Street, just walk around and look for souvenirs, fashion goods “fake” has unbelievable similarities at extremely cheap prices.

Shenzhen: Visit Hoa Cuong Bac Market – the address of Chinese electronics goods, cheap, and prestigious.

Beijing: Vuong Phu Province Street – Address of supplying wholesale goods in large quantities, and diverse items.

Medieval Market: Specializing in selling fabric.

Thien Ho Market: Specializing in selling computers, and electronic components.

Zhang Xi Market, Hong Milan, Sha He, Shi Shang Hang: Specializing in selling fashion. You can find and import Chinese clothes at these markets.

Dezheng Nan Lu Market: Specializing in selling cloth and wool.

Photography Electronics City Market: Specializing in selling phones.

Jiefang Nan Lu Market: Specializing in selling souvenirs.

Beijing Lu Market: Specializing in selling clothes, leather bags, and leather wallets.

Xing Hao Pan Market: Specializing in selling footwear.

These are places with extremely ideal sources for businesses or agents with large capital. If you are a new person, do not have much experience in importing goods, or have not found a long-term supplier of goods, consider when choosing to go to direct goods directly in China.


Directly view and check the goods, and choose the style and color. Can discuss prices, discounts, and payment methods with suppliers. Good sources of imported Chinese goods, stable quality, and diverse quality help improve the abundance of items, and diverse designs.

The source of cheap goods saves investment capital costs and increases profits. Directly buy and receive goods, do not need to find the address to receive goods in China. Actively buy time.


Need to prepare large capital for each shipment such as travel, interpretation, transportation, and import.

Different language: If not knowing Chinese will be very difficult to exchange and negotiate prices, so it is necessary to hire translators.

Scam: Without the experience of buying goods, it will be easy to cheat and buy high-quality, poor-quality, or defective goods.

Complicated procedures: You need to fully prepare papers and implement customs import to bring goods into the country.

It takes a lot of time due to self-moving, recruiting goods, and dealing in purchases.

Often compulsory payment by yuan due to local transactions requires monetary conversion.

There may be more expenses if they do not understand the regulations, procedures, and terms of payment when buying goods.

This is the first piece of information on How To Buy Cheap Products From China.

Import online through electronic websites

In addition to buying and ordering cheap Chinese by themselves importing goods online through reputable Chinese order websites is also a way to buy cheap Chinese goods used by many people today.

China’s e-commerce sites attract a large number of businesses participating, creating a huge commodity craze on the online market. By clicking and searching, you can find all the products you want, and Chinese order cheaply easily, and quickly.

You can talk to the seller, pay online and choose the shipping method. Above all, you do not need to go to China, just use laptops or phones to import goods, and you can easily buy Chinese wholesale goods quickly and conveniently. This is the next way How To Buy Cheap Products From China. With this way of buying you need to prepare:

Experience in finding and choosing a reputable shop, and quality goods.

Experience in selling goods and discount codes to minimize import costs.

Find reputable Chinese shipping services to deliver domestic goods from suppliers to the warehouse of the support unit in China.

Knowledge of the regulations and procedures for importing Chinese goods to your country.

Understanding the payment methods when buying Chinese goods.

Websites used by many people to buy or order Chinese goods for sale now include:


Alibaba is an e-commerce site of Alibaba Group, based on the method of connecting online transactions among businesses on a global scale. At Alibaba, there are more than tens of millions of large and small enterprises operating and supplying goods between countries and territories. Therefore, Alibaba supports multilingualism with many different forms of international payment.


Unlike Alibaba, Taobao aims to connect widely between individuals who buy – sell, and even individuals and businesses. In Taobao, goods are provided by many large, and small stalls and individuals register to open products online. Therefore, Taobao is suitable for small traders, small businesses, or business households. This is the next way How To Buy Cheap Products From China.


At Tmall, goods not only have Chinese domestic goods but also products from big brands in the world such as Mango, Puma, and Levi’s, … You can look for a lot of goods, from cheap household goods to high-end goods. Due to the focus on product quality, the price on Tmall is higher than on other e-commerce sites.


While Taobao or Tmall focuses on small transactions, 1688 is a huge supply of goods for large quantities (wholesale and wholesale). So, if you want to import Chinese wholesale prices, 1688 is the best choice. In 1688, the booths are mostly factories and manufacturers who directly register their business without intermediaries. You will receive attractive discounts if purchased in bulk.

Using the service of the intermediary company

In addition to searching for cheap Chinese products, reputable as well as buying and shipping, using reputable Chinese goods purchases is also an optimal way to import Chinese goods if you do not have periods.

The reputable Chinese importing units with many years of importing experience will advise you on the supply of quality Chinese goods at an appropriate price. This is also the next way How To Buy Cheap Products From China.


The professional and experienced consulting team, help you find reputable sources. Safe and effective, the goods are guaranteed, you will not fear that the goods are damaged and even if there are problems such as the wrong sample, the wrong color. In addition, you will also be supported by these companies in case of complaints and exchanges.

Save time and travel costs, because you just need to contact intermediaries, and register according to the steps to buy Chinese goods with their services. Monitor online goods on the company’s website to know the status of its goods.


It may be fooled if not found a reputable company with experience in finding sources of goods, ordering, and transporting households. There is a service fee but not significant if you find a reputable and cheap service company. This is the next way How To Buy Cheap Products From China.

Hopefully, the article How To Buy Cheap Products From China will provide useful information for you.


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