What Are 10 Famous Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands?

What Are 10 Famous Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands?

The competition between phone manufacturers is increasing as brands all want to entice users to use their products. So the question is What Are 10 Famous Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands? Let’s learn more about phone brands through this article.



When it comes to famous phone companies, it is impossible to forget the name Apple. The brand is on a new level surpassing all the phone companies in the world in terms of technology, operating system, and quality of use. The logos of phone companies, and Apple models all carry the symbol of a missing apple.

Apple always creates products that are unexpected and ahead of their time. Not to mention the first and most impressive product launched is the iPhone 2G with the first zoomable screen on the phone market. Apple seems to be at the top of the popular US phone brands with a worldwide market share of 16% with 56.4 million units shipped and year-over-year growth of 46.5%.

The iPhone phones that resonate with success for Apple can be mentioned iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, and the latest iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple always knows how to make consumers stand still before the outstanding technologies and features of its products along with marketing strategies that everyone must admire. This is the first phone brand in What Are 10 Famous Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands?



Samsung phone brand is considered a giant of Korean phone companies and has always maintained the position of the leading brand in Asia since 2012. Samsung phones always bring outstanding features and technologies ahead of their time to attract consumers. This is also an indispensable brand in What Are 10 Famous Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands?

Not only in Asia, but the heat of this brand is also spreading around the globe when accounting for more than 20% of the consumer market share. Up to now, Samsung has produced more than 75 million phones with many different models and achieved an annual growth rate of more than 30%.

The reason why Samsung phones are popular with many people is that they are evenly distributed in each segment. Phones like Note or S will be aimed at the high-end segment, while the A or M series will be in the popular and affordable segment with a reasonable price.

The standout products of this brand in recent times are the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. For the first time on the market appears a smartphone that can be folded or stretched flexibly. This phone model broke all the old records of Samsung.

3. LG


LG used to be a strong force in the mobile phone market with smartphones with youthful designs and top configurations in Korea. In the heyday, to own an LG-branded phone, you had to spend a lot of money, meaning whoever had this phone would be extremely classy.

The advantages and disadvantages of LG phone companies are the main cause of death. Although it is a high-end phone brand, over the years, LG has faced continuous losses and failed to keep up with world technology, so it has no place in the market.



Motorola is a brand that has stormed the market and made European phone companies respect it. Typically, the Motorola RARZ phone launched in 2004, this is the best-selling clamshell design product in history. However, at the peak of smartphones, Motorola did not keep up with the trend and technology, so it had to give way to other brands and gradually disappeared.

This oblivion only ended when Motorola was acquired by Lenovo from Google. Motorola’s performance is revived, as evidenced by the fact that the brand has increased the number of products shipped by more than 128.1% compared to last year and rose to 7th place on the list of phone brands.



Sony is a multinational corporation with headquarters in Japan. Japanese phone companies like Sony have always won the hearts and market share of consumers around the world. One thing that the European market has always admired in Japan is technology.

Sony is said to be a pioneer with the first edge-to-edge screen technology on the market and always carries the latest processor on the market. The common feature of Japanese domestic phone companies such as Sony always pays special attention to the body. The proof is that most of the brand’s products are usually made of very sturdy, durable metal with extremely sophisticated, rounded lines.



Smartphone consumers in general, especially those who love technology, are probably too familiar with this brand. Besides impressive laptops and computers, Asus is also one of the famous phone accessory brands. The design of Asus phones is highly appreciated by many experts for its constant innovation and refinement.

The logos of Asus phone companies are also meticulously depicted, making consumers flutter when they see them. Most components and hardware of Asus phones are developed by genuine manufacturers and do not depend on intermediaries, so the brand’s products are often evaluated as having a higher configuration than competitors in the market.

This is also an indispensable brand in What Are 10 Famous Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands?



BlackBerry is a brand specializing in manufacturing mobile email devices and smartphones developed and designed by the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). BlackBerry’s product lines are phones that are favored by Heads of State because BlackBerry is very secure.

Research In Motion (RIM) of Canada, this company was established in 1984, and specializing in manufacturing and selling mobile devices and mobile solutions. The BlackBerry phone line began to be designed and developed by the company in 1999.

About the name BlackBerry – Blackberry, this name was decided after collaborating with the company on the Lexicon Branding brand. The name comes from the idea that the keys on RIM products look as small as the seeds in a strawberry. And then change to Blackberry for fast and powerful reading and personality.



As the number 1 supplier brand in consumer cordless phones in the world, Panasonic is committed to creating new ways of communication now and in the future to serve the interests of its customers. Panasonic is an international brand of Panasonic Corporation.

It is the largest electronics company in Japan. In 1918, the company was established under another name, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd with a simple rented room. Then, in 2008, the company changed its name to Panasonic Corporation. This is also an indispensable brand in What Are 10 Famous Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands?



Strategy Analytics states that Google Pixel is the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the US. Like Apple, Google is targeting the rich in the US with a phone equipped with an eSIM and a rich application system.

Not only Android, but Pixels is also equipped with the latest technologies developed by Google such as Call Screen (a feature that helps you know in advance which stranger is calling you), and Google Duplex – a new AI platform that allows Google Assistant to call you. Phone can talk to real people without the other person can even imagine they are talking to the machine.

In addition to the design, Pixels has also been improved with an increasingly eye-catching and modern appearance with a single camera but surprisingly good photography capabilities. However, not everything on the Pixels is pink.

Google’s phone was found to have many errors such as vibration when opening the speakerphone at only about 50% volume, and image saving errors. This is also an indispensable brand in What Are 10 Famous Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands?

10. LAVA


Lava Mobile is a well-known Indian brand that specializes in premium smartphones and also includes several laptop models in addition to tablets and accessories. This is an Indian smartphone manufacturing company founded in 2009.

Lava offers pretty great mid-range and low-priced smartphones for general use. The screens of these smartphones are great value for money and the entire design and manufacturing of lava smartphones is done in India. This is also an indispensable brand in What Are 10 Famous Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands?

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