Review Asus ROG Phone 5 Specs

Review Asus ROG Phone 5 Specs

Asus ROG 5 is the best gaming smartphone you can buy with design features and software perks that enhance gaming and user experiences. Let’s find out more through the article Review Asus ROG Phone 5 Specs.

Overall review Asus ROG Phone 5

Asus ROG 5 is one of the best gaming phones available today. But it’s also one of the best phones for enjoying any movie thanks to its great display, high battery life and charging speed, and great speakers. However, some of the phone’s shortcomings, such as its limited camera set, have not been radically improved to match prominent products like the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup.

They can also be seen less and less with every new ROG phone, and the Asus ROG Phone 5 has managed some quality-of-life advantages over other Android phones. Even to the point where it can compete with non-gaming smartphones. As long as you don’t need smartphones with the best cameras, it’s perfectly fine to use them. This is the first information in the Review Asus ROG Phone 5 Specs.

Asus ROG Phone 5  Specifications

ROG 5 is the first Asus phone with three models including the standard edition, Asus ROG 5 Pro, and Asus ROG 5 Ultimate. The latter two have slightly better specs and feature a small OLED display on the back cover to spruce up your gaming. They’re upgrades in design, but they’re also the only way to get one of the highest-performing gamer phones out there. Smartly speaking, the ROG 5 Ultimate has 18GB of RAM.

However, what you get with a phone with too much RAM is unclear. Besides, Asus even describes it as a fluidity between a blend of luxury and sophistication. There’s also a noticeable upgrade when it comes to gaming, though you’ll be able to open more games and apps at once during use.

But even the basic Asus ROG 5 has improvements that help attract the attention of general Android users. Thanks to some redesigned internals, the phone will recharge its 6,000mAh battery in less than an hour with the 65W in-box charger.

Its side USB-C port makes it easier to access than its predecessors so you can recharge it while watching media or playing games. Its speakers are also better than ever with a 3.5mm jack.

Design Asus ROG Phone 5

The Asus ROG Phone 5 has a design that is almost identical to its predecessor, the ROG 3, with a black or white rectangle, which if you buy the Ultimate version will have the buttons and ports in the same place.

Of course, there will also be some improvements such as the back cover’s RGB-illuminated ROG logo now filtered through blocks to make it look 8-bit but this will be less noticeable for the most part. This is the next information in the Review Asus ROG Phone 5 Specs.

There’s a volume rocker above the power button on the right side, with capacitive touch buttons on the top and bottom of the right edge acting as side buttons. On the left side is the USB-C port that has been in the ROG line since its inception.

However, this time, instead of another cable port, there is a capacitive strip for connecting accessories. And since it’s shorter than the port, it makes the rubber plug easier to pop out. One bigger change to the design of the back cover is that there’s still the ROG logo on the standard ROG 5 that lights up in programmable patterns, just like the luxurious-looking gaming-enhanced components inside the build.

PC desktop. In the Pro and Ultimate versions, the logo is swapped out for a small (approximately 1-inch) OLED panel that can display a logo or message of your choice. While the RGB and OLED panels lend themselves to a gamer aesthetic, they’re a far cry from the first ROG phone, which had deep zigzag grooves on the back that looked like an anonymous Decepticon.

These highlights have been customized across generations of ROG phones. Also, the minimalist lines seen today are the culmination of a more mainstream look, with a geometric but rounded camera block at the top of the back.

Asus ROG Phone 5 price and release date

Asus ROG 5 was officially announced on March 10, 2021, with incredible availability for its three released models. The standard version will be available in some regions by the end of March, the Asus ROG 5 Pro goes on sale in April, and the Asus ROG 5 Ultimate will start to be available in May.

However, only in limited quantities. While availability for all models may vary by region, the Ultimate will be sold everywhere but will be in short supply. Asus ROG 5 is currently on sale in the US, but only in a single configuration, and is also the highest with 16 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory for $ 1,000.

The Asus ROG 5 is a direct successor to the Asus ROG 3 released in 2020. The company decided to skip the ‘ROG 4′ due to some cultures’ perceptions of the number 4. The standard price of the Asus ROG 5 starts at around $950 / £684 / AU$1,233 for 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Might as well be around $1,069 / £769 / AU$1,367 for 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, and around $1,188 / £855 / AU$1,541 for 16GB RAM and 256GB storage. The Asus ROG 5 is available in black in most regions, although there is a white variant that looks a lot like the ROG 5 Ultimate released in some regions.

Besides, the Asus ROG 5 Pro comes in a single black color with a programmable OLED display on the back. While the Asus ROG 5 Ultimate has its white color with blue accents and a monochrome OLED display. This is the next information in the Review Asus ROG Phone 5 Specs.

Configuration of Asus ROG Phone 5

Asus ROG 5 features a 6.78-inch Full HD Plus (2440 x 1080) AMOLED display with HDR10+ certification for sharp images and vibrant colors. The front camera is housed in a slim black bar, making a classy move to avoid a notch. Sharp images are the only thing that can bring.

Of course, the ROG 5’s Full HD Plus display doesn’t produce images as sharp as phones with higher resolutions such as the WQHD Plus (3200 x 1440) display on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Overall, the screen of the ROG 5 is better than most other flagship smartphones available. This is the next information in the Review Asus ROG Phone 5 Specs.

Of course, the real benefit for gamers is the 144Hz refresh rate, which makes Internet access smoother than conventional 60Hz monitors, not to mention much better gaming when playing games. game speed support with higher frames. The screen has a 300Hz touch sampling rate, which response to touch much faster than most phones such as the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S21 at 240Hz.

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