Top 8 Non Chinese Laptop Brands

Top 8 Non Chinese Laptop Brands

Laptops are gradually becoming indispensable tools in people’s daily lives. However, in the process of searching for laptop brands, many people do not want to use brands from China. The article Top 8 Non Chinese Laptop Brands will help you find the right laptop brand.

1. Apple

Apple is undoubtedly the most famous and high-end technology brand in the world at the moment. Apple’s strong products are not only encapsulated in laptops but also develop into an ecosystem of many other areas, of which laptops are just one piece of the puzzle. These can be mentioned as smart mobile phones Smartphones, desktop computers, tablets …

Apple’s outstanding strength is not really about products but about user support services, and building a high-quality but still user-friendly platform. In addition, this brand is certainly a trendsetter as they are almost at the forefront of product design, focusing on energy optimization and the on-screen display quality of those products.


Speaking of laptops, in particular, the Macbook makes others immersed in its appearance. That’s right, if it’s only about appearance, a score of 10 is the perfect number for these laptops. When it comes to a separate operating system for devices developed by Apple itself, perhaps compared to Windows, users find it less error-prone.

However, depending on the habits and preferences or requirements of the job, users will find it easier or more difficult to use Mac OS than Windows. As mentioned above, the company also provides Macbook users with the best support with offline services in stores or even 24/7 online service.

In addition, the community using Macbook is also quite large and they support each other in terms of information quite quickly, which is also the strength and advantage of Macbook users. Every year, Apple Events events have been and will bring invited surprises about their products to the Apple fan community in general and Macbook in particular. This is also the first brand in the Top 8 Non Chinese Laptop Brands.

2. HP

HP is a combination of the first letter of the name of the two founders of this brand, Hewlerr-Packard. This is one of the oldest electronic brands in the world, although the brand is not popular at the moment.

That said, HP laptops are manufactured by HP Inc. still being favored by the user segments are students, students, households, and middle-income people. The reason is that the company from the beginning has also purposefully served this group of customers with the best quality.

The brand may not always have the best credit, but the latest HP laptops still make the right moves in terms of design and still win the hearts of users. The performance of current laptop models is quite fast, strong, and easy to use for the user’s work and study purposes.

HP laptop

The company has launched many different models to cover most of the needs of customers: regular laptops, foldable laptops (such as HP Envy X360 or Pavilion X360 series), 2-in detachable laptops- 1, tablets, HP gaming laptops (such as HP Omen, HP Victus series), and high-end mobile laptop workstations (HP Zbook series)…

Especially, high-end models such as Specter, Omen, and Zbook are highly appreciated, have many of the best features, and are most worth buying in the same segment of each series. The HP Specter and Envy series feature designs with diamond-cut edges and extreme aesthetics.

Other lines such as Pavilion, Elitebook, Essentials, Probook, and Chromebook… each have their unique design to create highlights.

3. Dell

If you are looking for the best Windows laptops, you definitely can’t ignore Dell laptops. Dell’s technology and care are highly praised and appreciated by users around the world. The main area that Dell focuses on producing is mid-range laptops, and most of the designs are in straightforward and powerful languages.

However, not everyone likes such a simple design which is the only reason some users do not want to use Dell machines. Of course, that is the personal perception of each person and there are many other objective factors affecting it.

Dell laptop

Some of the reasons why Dell is the best Windows laptop brand: are support service, professional design, good and fair price, durability… Dell has many different lines and each line will have a unique design. own salient features. Currently, the quality of the lines is almost racing with each other in terms of both design and performance.

No exaggeration, you can refer to a Dell Precision 5560 graphics laptop, a Dell Inspiron 5310 office laptop and any Dell XPS high-end laptop: and you will find their design almost the same. This brings even greater benefits to the user.

4. Asus

Asus laptops are known for their affordable prices compared to other brands and one of the reasons behind that could be that they make their motherboards. Their mini laptops and Chromebooks have a reputation for being the best budget machines. Asus is also mentioned for the built-in utilities according to the products they manufacture as well as high reliability.

There was a time when Asus was not appreciated and was not listed at the top of the best laptop brands. But with the effort to improve and find a new experience on the latest laptop lines and models, they have changed the view of users and have been named in the top 10.

Asus laptop

The Asus Zenbook series is the most interesting machine in recent times with the launch of a series of new models with extremely sophisticated, creative designs and the most advanced technology in images, screens, sound, battery life…

It can be said that Asus is still on the rise with rocket speed. They will constantly improve to one day catch up with other giants in the industry like HP, Dell, or Apple with eye-catching designs at cool prices. This is also the next name in the Top 8 Non Chinese Laptop Brands.

5. Acer

Acer is a computer manufacturer from Taiwan and a global distributor. Acer laptops are usually suitable for the price and bring the most practical value to the user. Established in 1976, up to now, the company’s laptop business accounts for 5.7% of the global market share.

Acer laptop

The company offers laptop devices for every price bracket. What’s more, Acer laptop models have decent battery life and commendable performance at an affordable price point. That is essentially all that users want.

Acer is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world and their machines are widely popular among budget users. Even Acer is said to be devaluing the market when it comes to cheap laptops that are no different from Chromebooks.

6. Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Corporation is an American company established in 1975, specializing in the development and production of famous copyrighted software and hardware products around the world. Microsoft’s operating system products are increasingly improved, updated with features, and fixed errors regularly in many different versions.

In 2012, the company began focusing on building the laptop business with the Surface product line. This product line is a great combination of hardware and software, in the heart is the Windows operating system with an extremely strange and beautiful design.

Microsoft Surface

Next, lines such as Surface Go, Surface laptop Go, and Surface Pro also contribute to the increase of Microsoft’s laptop brand value. In particular, the appearance of the Surface Pro 4 once shocked with an ultra-thin and lightweight device with high aesthetics in the high-end segment, Surface Book 2 offers a user experience that exceeds users’ expectations used.

And now in 2021 is the Surface Pro 7 – the best 2-in-1 laptop in the world. In 2022, the company launched Surface Pro 8, following the success of previous generations. This is also the next name in the Top 8 Non Chinese Laptop Brands.

7. Reazer

Since its founding in 2005, Razer has been committed to revolutionizing gaming with its vast collection of models. Laptops of this brand are famous for their graphics and overall gaming performance. The price of this brand’s machine is always at the top of the list.

Reazer laptop

Razer offers gaming laptops with many special features that are also suitable for other purposes, which can both work and play. The company’s machines are praised for their quality screens, top-notch graphics, and the most advanced system technologies.

This is not a company that specializes in mass production either. This brand focuses on producing gaming laptops of different sizes, providing many choices for users. In addition, the company also manufactures other devices for content creators and designers in general. This is also the next name in the Top 8 Non Chinese Laptop Brands.

8. Samsung

Samsung brand is quite famous in Vietnam and the world with an array of consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, air conditioners, and refrigerators… Huge business opportunity for the company. However, in terms of laptop products, Samsung does not have a large customer base.

Samsung laptop

Most laptop users avoid using Samsung laptops because of poor battery life and unremarkable design. One of the company’s few product lines that resonate well is the Galaxy Books, Notebook 9, Notebook Odyssey, and Notebook Flash.

In addition, the company also crossed into some Chromebook codes. In addition to laptops, the RAM manufactured by Samsung is also given very good feedback by users, high stability, and less error, is one of the brands that provide the best RAM. Samsung is praised for its very good technical support service. This is also the last brand in the Top 8 Non Chinese Laptop Brands.

Hopefully the article Top 8 Non Chinese Laptop Brands will provide useful information for you.


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