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How To Find Chinese Suppliers On WeChat

How To Find Chinese Suppliers On WeChat

Ordering WeChat or ordering super fake WeChat has long been an attractive job with high profits. Currently, we can find many super suppliers with attractive prices on this application. So how to search for suppliers on WeChat? Let’s answer this question through How To Find Chinese Suppliers On WeChat.

WeChat and new buying trends

WeChat is known as a modern communication tool for smartphones. This application supports sending voice messages, sending videos, texts, and even photos… WeChat works everywhere in the world, we can use the application to chat with friends anytime and anywhere. Currently, we can find WeChat on application stores of iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, or Android…

Recently, WeChat has added a money transfer feature, which is quite convenient for buying and selling. However, you need to understand that basically, WeChat is not a buying and selling tool, rather it is just a tool to exchange and transfer money between the buyer and the shop owner when the two sides have completed the transaction.

Shop owners often post their items on the timeline. At this point, the buyer has made friends with the seller, just select and contact the product owner directly. This is also the first information in How To Find Chinese Suppliers On WeChat.

How to create a WeChat account

Wechat application is an application on the phone, so to create a Wechat account easily, users should first download the application to their phone. WeChat is a mobile application. Therefore, to create a WeChat account easily, you first need to download the application to your phone.

Step 1: Download the WeChat app via AppStore or CH Play. Use your phone number.

Step 2: Fill in your personal information. You need to proceed to fill in all your information including your name, phone number, and password, and then register with your phone number. In the region of your choice enter your country.

Step 3: Check to agree to the terms. You need to select Accept to agree to the terms of Wechat. Then click “Next”.

Step 4: Confirm safety. Then click “Start”.

Step 5: Decrypt Captcha to gain access.

Step 6: Scan the confirmation code. The website will display a QR code, forcing you to use your phone or ask a friend, relative, or acquaintance who has used WeChat for more than 6 months to scan this QR code to allow access.

Step 7: Confirm the phone number. In the registration section, proceed to enter your phone number and password. If Wechat is not correct, click “Login with SMS verification code”. After WeChat sends a confirmation code to the registered phone number, you enter the 4-digit code and click OK / Submit to complete the registration.

Step 8: Complete registration, then click OK to complete your profile including your name and avatar.

How to find suppliers on WeChat

On major e-commerce sites like Taobao, and Tmall, many sellers import goods from factories and then do business on these sites, so the selling price will be slightly different. If you want to source the original product from the factory, there will be a better price.

So to find suppliers on WeChat easily, you can use the WeChat app. There are 2 ways according to How To Find Chinese Suppliers On WeChat:

Find the source of goods on WeChat according to the picture

E-commerce websites all have the function of searching by image. You just need to drop the product image you want to find in the search box, the system will filter and give you the results you want. Then, you find the shop and contact directly via WeChat to negotiate the source of the goods.

Search directly on the Wechat app

Type the domain name “” to go directly to the website. Right in the search box, enter the brand name/shop name that you want to find out information about. Once found, enter the shop’s contact into your WeChat account and proceed with the transaction.

How to pay on WeChatPay

According to How To Find Chinese Suppliers On WeChat, currently, you can pay on WeChatPay in three ways as follows:

Payment by scanning QR code: When conducting a transaction, the owner of the shop on WeChat will provide the buyer with a QR code image. Buyers use the QR code scanning function available in the WeChat app to read the code, enter the required amount, and confirm that the payment is complete.

This way has the advantage of limiting almost 100% of errors when entering data. The drawback of this way is that sometimes the shop sends the wrong code or the recipient sends the wrong money.

Send red envelopes in WeChat: Users can click on the plus sign in the input box on the personal chat frame, enter the amount of lucky money and wishes and then send it to the sales shop. This is just a way to enhance goodwill, not considered an official payment method, so the amount is also limited, only about 200 or 500 yuan/day, so not many people choose when trading.

Transfer by WeChatPay: In this way, you just need to click on the plus sign, select transfer money, and then enter the amount to transfer, and click send. This way, every transaction and transfer by the buyer and the seller is fully recorded.

This method only applies to WeChat accounts that have been friends with each other. If the two accounts are not friends, the amount in one transfer will be limited to 10,000 yuan/time.

So is searching for suppliers on WeChat guaranteed quality?

No intermediary can guarantee that goods on WeChat are better than goods sold through other channels. Most suppliers on WeChat try to take real photos with optimal backgrounds and lighting for advertising, wechat shops rely on personal reputation to sell, so quality assurance is always parallel. with their reputation.

Wechat tool after all is just a tool to communicate, making transactions through this tool is exactly where no one stands out to guarantee your rights after you transfer money to them. That’s why you need to be very careful when ordering from a strange shop that you do not know the reputation of the supplier.

You should regularly follow the shop, and at the same time rely on the buying experience of your friends or people who have dealt with you before to proceed with the WeChat account verification that you are new to.

Usually, if it is a reputable supplier in China, they will provide you with full information about the office, company name, and official website name to help you have more complete information before making a decision. order transaction on WeChat. This is the information you need to keep in mind in How To Find Chinese Suppliers On WeChat.

Hope the article How To Find Chinese Suppliers On WeChat will provide useful information for you.

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