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The Greatest Generators Not Made In China

generators not made in china
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The desire to avoid products made in China has increased over the past few years. There are a number of reasons for this, including Covid, child labor in China and the substandard working conditions prevalent in Chinese industries.

Knowing which businesses and brands are based outside China is essential for these and many other reasons. Although none of the generator companies listed here have corporate headquarters in China, some still manufacture at least some parts overseas. Here is a list of the best generators not made in China.

The Fantastic Brand Generators Not Made In China

Generac Generators

Generac Generators

Since 1959, Generac generators have provided reliable, efficient and long-lasting power. Green generators come in various shapes and sizes, including portable and home backup models.

There are different types of fuel that a Generac generator can run on. Natural gas and liquid propane are both available as fuels. According to Generac Generators, a generator’s 99% reliability rating is not enough. For this reason, this decades-old business continues to design and manufacture generators that exceed industry standards.

The Guardian series is Generac’s favorite generators not made in China. Your home backup generator can be purchased for as little as $2,000.00. However, you can also get a cost-effective industrial backup generator with excellent quality.

Gillette Generators

For businesses, finding a great commercial generator can literally save their life. Gilette generators are just that, offering a wide range of industrial generators with outstanding features and advantages.

Gillette has been manufacturing leading generators not made in China for industrial, residential, commercial and agricultural purposes since the introduction of the first generators in the 1960s. You can order generators powered by electricity. natural gas, LPG or diesel with a power range of 25 kW to 1000 kW for transportation from Elkhart, Indiana.

Cummins Generators

If you want a reliable backup power supply for your company, choose the Cummins brand. State-of-the-art technologies are used in the generators, which are domestically manufactured in the USA, which are efficient and reliable.

Cummins generators can be used to provide auxiliary power, distribution power or even backup power for various applications. Most notably, for air-cooled generators, Cummins generators are exceptionally quiet.

If you’re looking for generators not made in China in the area that covers every part of their generator, Cummins’ warranty coverage will impress you.

DuroMax Generators

DuroMax Generators

Another supplier of generators not made in China in the United States is DuroMax. Some of the best portable generators available are manufactured at the DuraPower facility in Ontario, California. The generators are among the few generators that do not source parts from other countries because they are created and assembled in the United States.

The Duramax range features an excellent range of gas, propane and dual fuel engines. Generators are reasonably priced, reliable and suitable for both industrial and domestic use.


Next of the best brant about generators not made in China giant has been manufacturing generators for over a century. Mitsubishi sets industry standards beyond expectations when it comes to the design, construction, and testing of its generators.

There are a number of desirable qualities offered by the Mitsubishi brand that you want to have in your generator. For example, power tools are made of high-quality materials that help them perform at their best.

The company manufactures industrial and portable generators that comply with ISO standards and are tested by highly skilled engineers.

Winco Generators

Since Winco has been manufacturing generators since 1927, it has one of the largest generators not made in China available on the US market. The machine is powered by PTO, biofuel, diesel and gasoline.

This Minnesota-based company continues to produce high-quality goods that score high in reliability, innovation, and performance. In addition, the generators have Briggs, Kohler and Honda engines with multiple voltage outputs.

You can leave with a portable Winco generator for as little as $2,290.

Briggs & Stratton Generators

Briggs & Stratton Generators

One of the first businesses to enter the US market for power devices was Briggs & Stratton. There is no end in sight to the company’s century-long production of generators. You can get a variety of portable home generators here.

The PowerSmart generator series is Briggs & Stratton’s most popular product range. If you’re seeking for a power problem solution that uses little energy, Briggs & Stratton has you covered. Therefore, Briggs & Stratton’s portable generators are the way to go if you’re trying to restore electricity after an outage or doing some work on a new location without a grid connection.

Champion Generators

Another formidable competitor in the battle for the top US-made generators not made in China is Champion Power Equipment. The Santa Fe, California-based business manufactures portable, inverter, and backup generators that use gasoline, diesel, propane, or a combination of the four.

If you care about size, you should know that Champion generators offer power ratings that range from 1200W to 15kW.

Champion generators are among the quietest, with noise levels as low as 59dBA, thanks to the silent technology used in them. Generators are also completely safe, even for delicate electronics, thanks to their outstanding THD rating.

NorthStar Generators

NorthStar Generators

The NorthStar brand, part of Northern Tools + Equipment, focuses on gasoline-powered and high-powered generators. This family-run generators not made in China business, formerly known as Northern Hydraulics, has expanded to now have locations offering a wide range of PTO and portable generators throughout the United States.

NorthStar generators have some great features and are affordable. The machine’s Honda engine, whose power varies from 2700 watts to 15 kW, is a feature.

Generators include an electric starter and a wheelset for ease of operation, and they run on diesel and gasoline.


Since the introduction of Honda generators in 1973, the company has maintained its position as a leading player in the market where generators not made in China compete for the top spot.

Honda is currently one of the most popular generator brands in Japan and, according to the New York Times, the greatest generator.

In the field of portable generators, Honda is not only an innovator but also a manufacturer of one of the most sought-after engine types. For their generators, several well-known manufacturers including Ryobi, Winco, and NorthStar use Honda engines.

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