7 Popular Non-Chinese 3D Printers

7 Popular Non-Chinese 3D Printers

Most of us see 3D printers on the market today that are made in China. However, besides China, many places in the world produce 3D printers. So for more information, follow the article 7 Popular Non-Chinese 3D Printers.

3D Systems

3D Systems is an American 3D printer manufacturer based in Rock Hill, North Carolina, it is also the first brand in 7 Popular Non-Chinese 3D Printers. The company can supply custom-made parts due to the use of thermoplastic materials in production.

3D Systems

While 3D printing processes using the tool can take weeks to produce the finished product, the best finishing process is used by 3D systems to be able to create products in the same place. The 3D system emphasizes prototype design and provides 3D printing with multiple design aspects. From biocompatibility to system durability, flexibility, and overall strength.

In addition to manufacturing 3D printers, 3D Systems also manufactures several other types of advanced technology, such as haptic devices and 3D scanners. In addition, 3D Systems also manufactures custom plastic injection molds.


EnvisionTEC is a German company with headquarters in Gladbeck, Germany that has been developing high-quality 3D printing technology since 2002. One of the main 3D printing processes that EnvisionTEC has used is light technology for processing. plastic processing into 3D shapes.


In 2016, EnvisionTEC invented a 3D printing process called continuous light digital manufacturing (CLDM). This technology allows 3D printers to operate much faster and at isotropic properties in the Z axis, a capability not available in previous 3D printing technology.

Since improving its various manufacturing processes, EnvisionTEC has expanded its technology into many other industries. Such as the production of prosthetic limbs jewelry and auto parts. EnvisionTEC is known as one of the largest manufacturers of mass-produced hearing aids, which means that EnvisionTEC is one of the 21st-century leaders in technology that enhances people’s lives.


Unlike other 3D printers on the list of 7 Popular Non-Chinese 3D Printers mainly handles thermoplastic materials. Boston-based 3D printer maker Celllink is typically focused on 3D printing biomaterials for use in medical applications.

Many other 3D printer companies are also expanding into biomedical technology, but Cellini has gone a step further by using 3D printing processes directly on biomaterials instead of plastic to integrate with the body. human body.

One key technology Celllink has used is bio-ink which can be used to regenerate the vascular system and create artificial blood vessels. Another way the 3D printers manufactured at Cellini have been used is to advance medical science and push the boundaries of technology for the development of complete skin grafts.

The use of these skin grafts has increased many people’s chances of survival, in addition to helping to prevent many of the deformities that occur as a result of it. Before 3D printing, doctors would be forced to use the patient’s skin for grafting, which would hurt the body more and create an opportunity for infection for the patient. Today, however, with the use of 3D printing, patients have a much better chance of healing.

Airwolf 3D

Airwolf 3D is a large company based in Costa Mesa, California. This company not only manufactures 3D printer equipment, but also manufactures 3D printer supplies such as filaments, adhesives, and other accessories required for the 3D modeling process. One of the most important technological advances in 3D printing that came out of Airwolf 3D was the invention of Wolfbite.

Airwolf 3D

This is a specialized adhesive that helps prevent all kinds of warping, deformation, and adhesion problems caused by trying to 3D print with nylon materials. Airwolf 3D has also invented a mold support material called Hydrofill, which is water soluble at room temperature and environmentally friendly. One notable upcoming 3D printer model from Airwolf 3D is the AW3D HDx.

Since this 3D printer can generate and maintain temperatures of up to 599 degrees Fahrenheit, it can print with stronger and more durable materials. Since the HDx, Airwolf has launched several other versions of printers that can withstand these high temperatures, allowing flexibility in 3D printing processes.


Prusa3D is a 3D printing company with headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. Unlike some other 3D printer companies, this brand focuses on the enterprise industry or hobbyists rather than both. Prusa3D’s acceptance of manufacturers led to the development of 3D printing technology and has products designed for both corporate and individual use.

One big advantage of Prusa3D is that it provides a lot of resources to the 3D printing community. From software and knowledge databases to community forums where 3D printer manufacturers can discuss the latest advances in this new technology.

Prusa3D offers four different 3D printer models along with a weekly 3D printing plan, so the inventory of available designs is constantly growing. Buyers of 3D printers from Prusa3D can purchase a complete 3D printer assembly or a 3D printer kit that they can assemble at home.


Like 3D Systems, CRP USA is a 3D printer manufacturer based in North Carolina. CRP has developed a specialized 3D printer additive called Windform with iterations that help deliver a variety of design qualities such as stiffness or elasticity, depending on customer needs.

CRP USA uses precision CNC machining processes along with 3D printing to produce delicate, complex parts with the best durability. It is used for high-performance applications such as in racing cars and even spaceships. CRP USA partnered with CRP Group, a company based in Italy.

CRP works with companies that need parts through 3D printed manufacturing systems that may come from different industries, but still, have the same high standards of reliability and precision in fabrication.

These properties in their finished product are important due to the areas in which these 3D-printed products are used. So a few millimeters can easily make a small difference in performance or error.

In some 3D printing applications such as modeling, minor design flaws are acceptable, however, that is not part of the 3D printer industry used by CRP USA. This is the next name in 7 Popular Non-Chinese 3D Printers.


LulzBot is a 3D printing company headquartered in the United States. This company is best known for its Taz model 3d printers and keeps everything open source. This is both good and bad as keeping everything open source has prevented them from adding extra features to their printer that other printers in their price range have.


That said, people who like to modify their printers love that everything is open source. LulzBot is also known for its overall quality and outstanding customer support. Another point to mention is that Aleph Objects (maker of LulzBot printers) was acquired by Fargo Additive Manufacturing Equipment 3D in November 2019.

It is too early to say how this will affect the LulzBot product line but hopefully, they can maintain the quality they already have. This is also the last name in 7 Popular Non-Chinese 3D Printers.

Hopefully, the article 7 Popular Non-Chinese 3D Printers will provide you with useful information.

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