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Top 8 Amazing Drones Not Made In China

Drones Not Made In China

Nearly every electronic device, including most drones, carries the “Made in China” label. Therefore, it is almost difficult to find drones not made in China. However, I did some research and realized that it is doable. Here is a list of the best drones not made in China for you.

The Coolest Drones Not Made In China



If you like fishing, these drones not made in China are definitely your ideal companion. This is the first waterproof drone ever built and it is made just for fishing. Drone operators can do this by using the drone’s built-in sonar to locate fish, then land in the water to take pictures or even catch fish. The pilot of the actual drone will take off and pull the fish out of the water as soon as it bites the hook. Sounds absurd, right? The twenty-first century is here!

We don’t know the cost of this drone yet as it is likely to launch soon. But according to some sources, the cost could be closer to 1,100 dollars. That, given the price of the DJI Phantom, isn’t bad at all.


Another American drone business, Blade Drones, focuses on supplying the market with more compact, reasonably priced drones. Among the more well-known drones they sell are;

  • FPV Blade Inductrix
  • Inductrix Blade RTF
  • Nano QX RTF Quadcopter by Blade
  • Quadcopter BLADE Nano QX BNF

These drones are all priced between roughly $50 and $90 to give you an idea of the range. Before moving on to more expensive drones like the DJI drones, these drones are excellent for beginners to learn how to fly a drone.



A US business called Skydio is trying to compete with DJI and other players in the hobbyist drone market. The business developed the R1 drone, which is now on sale to drone lovers for around $1,999. However, considering that it is $500 more expensive than the famous DJI Phantom, you would expect that this drone would be ideal. This unfortunately is not the case.

Because of the built-in “auto-track” feature, which avoids obstructions while still recording you, the Skydio R1 is expensive.

Unfortunately, the R1 simply doesn’t work, according to PC MAG, a popular gaming publication. PC Mag gave the drone a 2.5 out of 5 ratings. In addition, they specifically recommend Skydio to DJI.

Recently, Skydio revealed the much cheaper Skydio 2, these drones not made in China for only $999. With a few extra capabilities, they boast similar features like auto-tracking.

Many drone operators will welcome this drone’s 50% quieter operation.

Impossible Aerospace

This Silicon Valley-based business was started by former employees of Tesla and SpaceX.

They recently made the announcement that they would offer a drone to emergency services all around the US. They stand out because their drone is entirely made in the United States and their drone’s battery can keep the drone in the air for two hours. This, when compared to the DJI’s 20 to 30-minute flight time, is quite outstanding.

These drones not made in China will cost roughly $7,500, which is reasonable for a business drone.


This is a business that Bowing truly owns. Drones for commercial applications like emergency services, defense, space, and security are designed, developed, and manufactured on-site. So it’s likely that you won’t be able to acquire any of their drones. These drones not made in China will be simply too expensive for you.

Just to give you an idea of how much they cost, the U.S. government spent over $800,000 on their ScanEagle drone, which is utilized by the U.S. Marines.


drones not made in china

Paris, France is home to the French company Parrot, which manufactures wireless products. When it first launched in 1999, it developed a lot of Bluetooth and speech recognition hardware and software. Parrot AR.Drone was not introduced until January 2010 at CES in Las Vegas. There, a smartphone and open API game development platform were used to control the drone over Wi-Fi. Miniature drones “Rolling Spider” and “Jumping Sumo” were presented by Parrot in 2014 at the same exhibition. The business founded two companies in 2015: Parrot Drones and Parrot Automotive, where they announced the Bebop 2 drone in November.

Today, the business is focused on the Parrot Anafi, a competitor to DJI’s entry-level consumer drones (which come in thermal and FP versions). The drone comes with an incredible amount of capabilities and many of the sophisticated autopilot technologies you’d expect from a much more expensive drone at a reasonable price point.

Parrot drones have been used in military, law enforcement, construction inspection and search and rescue operations. Nearly every type of user can find a package that works for them thanks to the Anafi drone’s many capabilities.


Similar to the business mentioned above, Freefly Systems is well known for its amazing drones not made in China, high quality drones designed for videography and high end drones. A company called Free Flight Corporation was founded in 2011. The company specializes in drones and video camera systems. The introduction of a camera stabilizer much smaller than the one being used at the time helped make the company famous in the video production industry. Camera operators no longer have to wear a heavy harness to balance the camera thanks to the camera stabilizer.

Three types of drones are available from the company, with two versions launching in 2011. Freefly also introduced the Alta, a ready-to-fly hecopter in 2015.

Impossible Aerospace

Electric airplanes with exceptional performance are built by Impossible Aerospace. Building aircraft that save lives is their major goal. In 2018, it produced its first drone, which is distinctive for its long endurance and the fact that it is entirely made in the United States of America. It was formed in 2016 by a former Tesla engineer.


One consumer preference that is gaining popularity is choosingdrones not made in China. There are some incredibly cool drones that aren’t made in China, but they can be a bit more expensive and require you to get used to a completely different interface

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